Private Tours in Puerto Vallarta

We have a wide variety of tours where you can do different activities from snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing or simply strolling through the bay while you see the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk from another angle.

If you want something quieter, we can also take you on a magical sunset across the bay with our Sunset, where you can enjoy the sea breeze and the beautiful sunset view of the region.

Snorkel Tour in the Bay

Wikari Travel Tour

Enjoy aboard our boats while we take you around the bay until you reach this Paradisiacal Club, equipped with everything to make your day unique.

Snorkel Tour in the Bay

Bay Snorkeling Tour

Puerto Vallarta has a variety of places to enjoy Snorkeling, get to know the variety of marine fauna of the region aboard one of our boats

Snorkel Tour in the Bay

Fishing Tour in Puerto Vallarta

Catch any of the marine species that exist in the region, from tuna to sailfish, you will have the opportunity to enjoy sport fishing with us.

Snorkel Tour in the Bay

All Inclusive Yacht

Live a unique experience with your friends and family, take the trip of your dreams and enjoy the best activities at sea aboard a luxury classic yacht

Snorkel Tour in the Bay

Visit the Marietas Islands

The Marietas Islands is a magical place where you will discover the unique wildlife of the region and its Hidden Beach, you cannot miss this great experience

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