Regata Copa México’s Olympic edition, an event where participating athletes are preparing for the London Olympics, will take place in Puerto Vallarta in the West Coast of Mexico, from March 2 -18, 2012. The event has the objective of promoting the natural beauty and the infrastructure of the Mexican coast, in order to increase tourism in Mexico, by reactivating the economy and supporting sailing. A competition taking place only every two years is acclaimed as the most important international sailing event

The Regata has now enrolled as many as 64 professional crews of 20 different nations. Representing Italy, as in 2010, will be the crew of the Sailing Team YCBG ENG 479. The program includes a ten championship Practice Race and Races.

Banamex, Coca Cola, Tag Heuer, Comex, Dell, Microsoft Office, Cerveza XX, Nyssen, Grey Goose Vodka, are among the top sponsors of the 2012 Regata Copa Mexico.

The organization is entrusted to the class J24 Mexico with the support of the Mexican Navy. Regata Copa México is an event born in 2010 on the centenary of the Mexican Republic.

Submitted by John Ganjei
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