Some say that Banderas Bay was formed from a volcano; that it is so deep that no instruments have ever been able to accurately detect its depth. Others claim it to be two miles deep. They are all incorrect as it’s merely an extension of a canyon running from the Banderas Valley or Ameca Valley with its deepest point near Cabo Corrientes, measured at 900 meters or approximately 3,000 feet.

Now, what differentiates this bay from the many large shallow water bays of the world is its quantity of humpback whales, giant manta rays, dolphins, marlin, sailfish, and a myriad of other fine game fish that live in deep water. Not only does the bay average over 1,000 feet deep, but the water temperature, being on the same latitude as Hawaii, is ideal year round for these fish. Of course, if it’s good enough for the fish, it’s good enough for us! Swimming conditions in the bay are perfect, year round, with sunshine overhead for at least 330 days annually.

Let's go Fishing! We invite you enjoy a fishing party on Banderas Bay!
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