Reservation and Cancellation Policies Mike's Abril 2020

To ensure a satisfactory experience for our clients, we limit the number of passengers on our boats, therefore an early reservation will guarantee their availability and allow us to plan for your best experience.

Public Tours

  • With more than 48 hours prior to the tour date - 100% refund
  • 24 hours prior to the tour date - we accept change of day, but there will be no refund
  • No show or late arrival - no refund.
  • The charge will be for the number of people indicated in the reservation, being your responsibility to cancel places that are not going to attend at least 48 hours in advance.


  • With more than 8 days prior to the tour date - 100% refund.
  • From 4 to 7 days prior to the event, 50% of the tour will be returned.
  • 72 hrs before the reservation, a change of day is accepted in the reservation.
  • 48 and 24 hours before the reservation, changes of schedule are accepted on the same day, but no change of date.


  • Does not apply changes or cancellations.
  • No Show or Late - No Refund.

During the trip

  • Live bait is subject to availability in the event that it is not available, it will be possible to fish during the tour, no refund is made if the bait is not available
  • In the event that a person becomes ill during the trip and is requested to return, no refund will be made

Charges to your card

  • Our reservation system is through Peek, secure and confidentially handles your bank account and credit card information. In case of not requiring payment through this means, it can be made by electronic transfer or through Paypal, it is safe and confidentially handles the information of your bank account and your credit card. You have full control of your payment and the opportunity to dispute payments for services not provided.

Prices and exchange rates

  • Prices are in US dollars but charges are in Mexican pesos. We use the bank rate of the day so that your account statement reflects as closely as possible the price in dollars published in the DOF.

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