Booking and Cancellation Policies

Mike’s Fishing Charters & Tours is the most important fishing trip and tours provider in Banderas Bay. All our trips are exclusive and require previous reservation.

To assure our clients a satisfying experience, we limit the number of passengers on our vessels and we are extremely punctual, hence and early booking will guarantee you availability and allow us to plan it to your better convenience.

Refund conditions

We will refund any paid amount or reschedule your trip when:

  1. In case of cancellation there will be a penalty of 20% of the deposit made
We don’t refund nor reschedule if you don’t show up at the given time and we don’t have justified warning of your delay.

Don’t worry if you are late, we don’t cancel, call us, we’ll just wait for you.

Charges to your card

We use Paypal for our online charges. Paypal is a secured entity and manages your bank information and card data confidentially. You have total control of your payment and the chance to dispute the non-provided services. We will refund in a lapse of 24 hours after notification any non-provided service.

Prices and exchange rates

Prices are quoted in US dollars but charges are made in Mexican Pesos. We use the bank rate of the day so that your bank statement reflects as closely as possible the published dollar price.

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